Nau Aletheia (EP)

by Nau Aletheia

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released April 24, 2016

Gabriel Herrera / teclados y samplers
Álvar Llusá-Damiani / guitarra eléctrica y violín
Ezequiel Bonani / batería, cuenco tibetano y percusión
Juan Pablo González / bajo eléctrico

Músicos invitados:

Natalia Abate / flauta en (I) y (IV)
Lucas Zampi / saxo tenor en (I)
Martín Cecconi / bandoneón en (V)


Enrique Rocca / arte de tapa
Alan Margall / diseño gráfico

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Gabriel Herrera en Estudios Kronstadt. Parque Patricios, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nau Aletheia © 2016


"Buenos Aires-based Nau Aletheia may very well be the most prominent Argentinian prog supergroup today. The project is a collaboration between Bubu's violinist Alvar Llusa Damiani, who doubles as guitarist, keyboardist Gabriel Herrera of Canturbe, and Auryn percussionist Ezequiel Bonani, who are joined by Juan Pablo Gonzalez on bass. Formed in 2014, the band has made a name for itself in Buenos Aires' underground scene by composing soundtracks for a number of short films, including PHYSIS and Huesitos de pollo.

The band's self-titled debut EP, released in 2016, displays a diverse range of styles. Nau Aletheia's sound ranges from a heavy, dissonant, jazz-based mélange, not unlike Damiani's Bubu, to lush, keyboard-dominated symphonic prog, to light jazz fusion and even includes some tango and post-rock touches at times.

This is no doubt a band to watch for all fans of eclectic music!"

Prog Archives


"Nau Aletheia is Buenos Aires' hottest new collection of budding young talent, and their self-titled EP is gleaming with potential. The band initially got its start by writing film scores for a few local underground films (and I think some of those soundtracks made their way onto this EP), so it's no wonder that they're so masterful at creating drama and evoking intense moods. This can be heard right from the start of the opener "Nordenskjöld", a heavy, apocalyptic track where Alvar Llusa-Damiani's violin sticks at the forefront.
Already having gained some notoriety for his work with the recent reincarnation of Bubu, Damiani is one of the main creative forces behind this project and I think he really brings a lot of Bubu with him. Being the world's hugest Bubu fan, this is a very good thing for me; I can't get enough of the wild, chaotic and head-spinningly complex jazz-heavy prog sound. However, this new group shows a different side of his musical persona, as well, with Damiani also taking on lead guitar duties. And as the opener weaves in and out of its metallic, descending motif into a smooth jazz fusion interlude and back, the EP furthers its multi-faceted approach with the second track, "Octaedro". This one may very well be my favourite offering from the band so far. It takes on a more traditional symphonic approach, with melodic keyboards by Gabriel Herrera driving the piece along while Damiani complements him with his brilliantly erratic six-string displays.

As we pass the 10-minute mark, a chilling but calming interlude, "Enfermos de ruido" (a soundtrack piece if I'm not mistaken) gives us a little breathing room. This is well needed before "Mates" blasts into a Fripp-ian heavy riffing assault. As has been the motif throughout the album, it soon gives way to a calmer interlude, with lyrical flute lines interweaving into the band's sound. The album finally finishes off with "Tangopendiente", a bandoneon-driven tango-based piece, ending the album in traditional Argentinian fashion.

I've gotta say, I'm really impressed just how many ideas these guys managed to pack into only 20 minutes. There's no doubt that Nau Aletheia have incredible chemistry as musicians, and are absolutely brimming with creativity. [...] I strongly encourage fans of eclectic prog to check out this EP, and hopefully you'll join me in eagerly awaiting the full length album, because I have no doubt it'll be a great one with this calibre of musicianship".

Magnum Vaeltaja for Prog Archives


"Quizás estén destinados a ser el supergrupo más importante del rock progresivo argentino de la actualidad, quizás sólo sea un grupo que haga unos buenos discos de estudio y brille en sus presentaciones, pero sea como sea, y en nuestra incursión por el under argentino, destacamos a la gran banda Nau Aletheia que acaba de lanzar su primer y excelente registro de estudio, un EP homónimo que permite descubrir todo su potencial.
Un épico rock progresivo con mucho de experimentación y de rock sinfónico, donde hay que agregarle elementos autóctonos que abren un abanico de experimetación sonora. Además hay que destacar que siguen la tradición y legado musical de todos los gigantes del género".

Moebius 8 for Cabeza de Moog



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Nau Aletheia Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nau Aletheia nace en el año 2014 como un proyecto de música progresiva instrumental. Sus integrantes son Álvar Llusá Damiani, Gabriel Herrera, Juan Pablo Gonzalez y Ezequiel Bonani. Ha realizado la banda sonora de diversos cortometrajes. En 2017 presenta "Los misterios de Eleusis", su primer álbum de larga duración. ... more

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